Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver Review

Braun is one of the famous brands which provides an electric razor. Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver is one of the best razors of Braun. It is good and cheaper than any other manual or electric razor that you will find in a market. You can use it for wet as well as for dry shave. It gives you such a smooth shave that you’ll not feel like shaving atleast for two to three weeks after using this razor. Its really good as it provides you a very comfortable, clean, close and smooth shave without any skin irritation.



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Here are some of the features of Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver :

  1. It has SensoFoil Technology so its optimized foil cuts your hair more efficiently and gives you a really easy shave.
  2. The Triple Action Cutting System is the best one as its three special cutting elements shave short hair as well as long hairs very easily.
  3. The trimmer it provides can be used for detailed trimming of mustache, sideburns and for other touch-ups also.
  4. It is 100% washable. You can wash it under running water without any damage.
  5. The LED display keeps on updating you about the battery level and charging status.
  6. Its heads follows the contours of your face, chin, and neck to give you a smooth and comfortable shave.
  7. 2-year warranty.

These are some of the features of Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet and Dry Shaver. Rather than buying any costlier razor which provides you the same features as this one is providing, you should go for this. This is good for all the skin type. It gives you a fast and smooth shave without any tugging, pulling, and irritation.



Click here for Full Pricing, Ratings and Reviews 

You can buy it from amazon with good discount and without any shipping charge. It saves your money and most importantly your time. The manual razors which you use take more time in shaving and not only this but there are more chances of skin irritation and skin damage when you use normal manual razors. So try this one. It’s a good product…!!!


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