Braun Series 5 (8985) Men’s Shaver Review

I always wanted a smooth and adorable skin. It’s not only me, but everybody wants it. But it is really tough to maintain skin quality. Your skin becomes rough, dull and untouchable because of your careless towards it. Earlier i was using manual razors because it was cheap and the second thing was that i had tried some of the electric razors but they weren’t comfortable. Like i tried other razors of Braun but i wasn’t comfortable with it. But this one Braun Series 5(8985) i found it really easy to use and comfortable. It may be because of the reason that it takes some time for you to get comfortable with the electric razors. Not only are this but there some of the features in this razor which I liked. The shaver gives a closer and clean shave without causing any trouble to your skin.


Braun Series 5(8985)

Braun Series 5(8985)

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Here are some of the features of Braun Series 5(8985) Men’s Shaver:

  • It features twin foils and integrated cutter which helps in cutting the long hairs and then giving a closer shave.
  • It also includes clean and renew system. This system cleans the shaver head using alcohol so as to avoid any kind of skin irritation.
  • Its blades easily cut the hairs which lie flat on the skin and are really difficult to remove. But the blade in it, lift and cut them easily giving you a clean shave.
  • The other feature which i found really well is that the shaver gives a clean shave in very few strokes without any skin pulling and tugging.

These are some of the features of Braun Series 5(8985) Men’s shaver which are really good and are the necessary features an electric shaver should have. There are many shavers which are definitely better than this one and have definitely a lot more features than this shaver. But what i think is that if you are getting the basic things you need in a shaver and that also in a very reasonable price then why to go for any other shaver which is really costly and it may not be in your budget.

Here are few links to get replacement parts of Braun 8985 series : 

  1. Braun 8985 Shaver Battery Replacement System
  2. Braun shaver 8985 Foil Cutter
  3. Braun Shaver 8985 Charger

So i recommend you this razor because i have used it and i found my skin really very smooth after shaving. It works for both the sensitive and the dry skin. So all you have to do is go to amazon and check out this product…!!!

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