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Braun Cooltec CT5CC Electric shaver Review

Cooltec CT5CC electric razor is one of the razors provided by Braun. I used this razor for like one and a half month and then i switched to some other razor just for the experiment purpose. But my experience with this razor was really smooth. I liked its features a lot, specially, its cooling action which avoids the skin irritation that comes after the shaving. The shaver’s triple shaving system gives a perfect shave without making your skin look rough. Even if your skin is sensitive, the shave it gives to the contours of your face will be without any cuts and definitely without any kind of irritation. Even if the irritation comes then its cooling system will take care of it. It has lots of positive reviews and close to 5 star rating on amazon. 


Cooltec CT5CC - Electric Shaver

Cooltec CT5CC – Electric Shaver

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Some of the features of Cooltec CT5CC – Electric Shaver are :

  • Its triple shaving system and sensoBlade gives an awesome effective shave and makes your skin look more smooth and clean.
  • It’s is suitable for both wet as well as dry shave. You can use it with foam or without foam, it will give you the same shave however you use it.
  • Its clean and renew system cleans the shaver after the shave. It not only cleans the shaver but also lubricates it, charges it, and makes it ready for the next use.
  • It features a cooling system which avoids the irritation or burn that comes after a shave.

These are some of the features of Cooltec which i found really awesome. I mean, what i wanted i got in this razor like a shave without a cut, shave without burn or irritation. Not only this but it captures the hairs which are really short and difficult to cut. The best part is that it is really cheap when compared to other razors available in the market. A close shave always gives you a perfect style and look which is very important now a days. You can have any razor you want but you should always look at the features.  You can easily afford Cooltech CT5CC. So, I highly recommend you to check out this product. 

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